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Must-Visit: Palawan Heritage Center

If you want to get a good idea of what to expect on your Palawan trip, visiting Palawan Heritage Center is a must.

What is the Palawan Heritage Center?

The Palawan Heritage Center (PHC) is an interactive museum in Puerto Princesa City that showcases the rich culture and history of the proud Palawenos. The 480-square meter museum is located at the Legislative Bulding, Capitol Complex opened in June 2012 and houses 300-year old artifacts, photos, life-sized dioramas, and interactive modules.

The PHC was established with the aim to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Palawan. The province is home to various ethno-linguistic groups like the Palaw’an, Batak, Tao’t Bato, and Tagbanua.

It is also a melting pot of different migrants from the many regions of the country.

Why you should visit the Palawan Heritage Center

There’s so much more to love about Palawan apart from the beaches and natural wonders. The province has great stories to tell, and a visit to the Palawan Heritage Center lets you experience that.

The PHC is not just educational, but also entertaining. What sets the PHC apart are its interactive modules which make learning fun for its visitors. Visitors both young and old can definitely learn a lot from the holograms, computerized touch screens, maps, information kiosks, and various learning stations.

Visiting the Palawan Heritage Center

Visit the Palawan Heritage Center located at the Legislative Building, Capitol Complex along Fernandez Street in Puerto Princesa. The PHC is open from 9AM to 4:30PM from Mondays to Fridays, with an affordable admission fee of Php 50.

Those who have visited the PHC during their stay in Palawan highly recommend it as part of any Palawan itinerary. The experience has been described as highly informative and entertaining. There are guides who can talk you through the exhibits as well.

Come to Puerto Princesa and make the Palawan Heritage Center part of your visit. 

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