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Must Visit: Palawan Museum

Every place has its unique story of origin. While others are still unearthed, with mysteries yet to be unshrouded, luckily for Palawan, there is a special place where history is just a few rides away. The Palawan Museum is a cluster of murals, libraries and anthropological structures that open the curious eyes of every traveller. It can bring out the historian in you. It has two massive floors that house decades of well-preserved artifacts and exhibits correlating to the socio-cultural and archaeological significance of Palawan.

History of the Palawan Museum

During the early days, before its transformation into historical center, the Palawan Museum was an excavation and research station. It was during the discovery of the Tabon Caves, in which the famous Tabon man artifacts were found, did the station turn into a full-fledged museum. The Palawan Museum was erected in 1991 with the sole purpose of preserving the relics and artifacts of Palawan. Every year, its collection of cultural artifacts grow because of the dedication of researchers and archaeologists to their further search of the origins of Palawan.

Inside the Palawan Museum

There are so many things to be discovered at the Palawan Museum, too many to count, in fact. Each piece of historical artifact is complete with a label and description so that tourists can understand what they are looking at. There’s a collection of everyday objects of the early Palawan tribes—from baskets to cooking materials—and there are also preserved skeletons of the Tabon man and cultural paintings that showcase the Palawan people.

One of the highlights of the Palawan Museum is the Manunggul jar, whose design shows the soul of a dead person travelling through the spirit world whilst riding a spiritual boat. Another is the Pagdiwata structure which is a very small house that engages in rituals for curing diseases and in thanksgiving offerings to deities in order to have a bountiful harvest. Many stories unfold inside the museum but it is best if you get to experience it yourself.

The Palawan Museum charges a considerate fee. Less than P100 is all you need in order to enter and indulge in the vast knowledge offered by the museum. It is open from 9am to 5pm four times a week. It is closed on the weekends and on Wednesdays.

Make sure to check out the Palawan Museum while travelling in Puerto Princesa!

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