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Things to Do in Palawan: Puerto Princesa Dolphin Watching

Have you ever seen a dolphin? Over the course of your life you would be considered lucky to get a view of these fantastic sea creatures. They leave you breathless and in awe as they glide through the waves, enthusiastically following the boat you are riding on. As one of the most intelligent and harmless mammals, dolphins are the top people pleasers when it comes to marine appreciation. Puerto Princesa’s dolphin watching activity is a must-do if you want to experience the energetic mammals first-hand.

The Puerto Princesa dolphin watching activity is best enjoyed in the summer months (April to October). Here are some of the things to expect from this majestic activity…

The Tour

At Puerto Princesa Bay, you will have to find a boat that will lead you to the dolphins. Travel time will be about 1.5 hours, with the beautiful sunrise and cool breeze smoothly grazing your face. During the ride, the tour guide will give you an enriching lesson about the dolphins of Puerto Princesa and some guidelines on what to do when you’re in the dolphin habitat.

The Dolphins

The dolphins that reside near the Puerto Princesa Bay are “spinner dolphins” (Stenella longirostris). They usually live at tropical places because of the rich content the tropical marine ecosystem has. They are famous because they perform extreme acrobatic feats in and out of the water. They are also highly interactive when it comes to different mammals, especially with humans, so expect that the Puerto Princesa dolphin watching activity will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

If you’re expecting just a handful of dolphins in the area, then get ready to have a big dolphin watching surprise. More than 15 dolphins swim freely in the bay—too many to count, in fact! Upon arriving, the dolphins will approach your boat and swim around it, curious on the new object that has just approached their habitat. You can touch them if they are reachable and if you’re given consent by the tour guide.

The majestic creatures jump, twist, glide and tumble gracefully along the bay so prepare to be dazzled by the amount of happiness these mammals bring to you. If you’re planning to have a vacation in Palawan, then you really need to have the Puerto Princesa dolphin watching activity on top of your list.

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