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Puerto Princesa Itinerary

Puerto Princesa Itinerary: Make the Most Out of Your Trip

There’s a reason why Palawan has been awarded the top island destination in the world, and it isn’t just for its white powder beaches, crystal clear blue green waters, and lush greenery. Palawan is not only a place for beach lovers, but also an ideal travel destination for those who are looking for an unconventional vacation—one filled with sights and experiences that are guaranteed to leave the traveler in awe of nature and all it has to offer.

There is a lot a traveler can do within a short span of time in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. A well-organized short four-day Puerto Princesa itinerary will already give you enough opportunity to maximize the experience of the island.

Things to Do in Puerto Princesa in 4 Days:

• Puerto Princesa Itinerary, Day 1

On the first day, assuming you are able to arrive early enough, you can start your Puerto Princesa itinerary with the famous island-hopping experience at Honda Bay, which consists of visiting 3 to 4 beautiful islands within a day’s time. Say hello to the charming starfish on Starfish Island, take photos along the sandbar of Luli Island, swim in the clear waters of Pandan Island, and enjoy some fun under the sun at Cowrie Island.

• Puerto Princesa Itinerary, Day 2

Visiting one of the tropical paradise’s most visited attractions is a must! We recommend ticking this off your list immediately the following day. The beauty of Puerto Princesa comes to life at the Underground River, now considered to be one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Entering the mouth of the cave is like entering another world. But once the eyes adjust, expect to find legendary rock formations of limestone karst that resemble cathedrals and castles of another time, and tunnels that will take you to places even your imagination has never been to before!

• Puerto Princesa Itinerary, Day 3

Do you have dreams of reliving your childhood? Just a short 45-minute drive from the City Center, you will not regret making the quick trip to enjoy the Iwahig Firefly Watching experience. The mangrove forest hosts a flock of fireflies where tourists get on a boat at night to enjoy these beautiful creatures dance in the dark. The trees come alive with blinking lights and you suddenly feel as though you’ve stepped into a childhood storybook. This promises a visual treat that tourists of all ages are certain to enjoy.

• Puerto Princesa Itinerary, Day 4

On your last day at Puerto Princesa, enjoy a relaxed day at a nearby beach, or spend the day exploring the city center before your flight. Take the time to go around the city and try the local delicacies at places like Baker’s Hill for their famous Ube Hopia, or some of the freshest seafood at the local market. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, try the famous “tamilok” which is a woodworm that is a type of saltwater clam, and delicious when seasoned with vinegar, soy sauce and chilli peppers. And don’t forget to pick up those gifts or “pasalubong” for your loved ones before you board the plane!

Puerto Princesa is an ideal travel destination for those looking for a different travel experience and a quick escape from the busy city life. Make the most out of your trip by doing your research, planning your Puerto Princesa itinerary intentionally, and most importantly, by enjoying each day you have there to the fullest. Because no matter where you are, doing these things is sure to give you a vacation you will remember forever!

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