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Must Visit: Salakot Waterfalls

Puerto Princesa has always been one of the Philippines’ flagships when it comes to beautiful landmarks and it’s considered a top destination site for local and foreign tourists. From the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center to the Underground River, Puerto Princesa is filled with famous sites that are surely jampacked during vacation periods. People from different places come and flock together just to have the Palawan experience.

The thing about Puerto Princesa is that it caters to all types of adventurers—from beach bums to spelunkers, from history majors to members of a family outing—so it’s no wonder people are always visiting the islands. But for those who take the road less travelled, Salakot Waterfalls is perfect for you. This natural formation is a tourist spot which is not as famous as Palawan’s other sites. This a good thing; why? Because people who just want to unwind and meditate under Mother Nature can spend their vacation there; a subtle exclusivity as some would say.

Going to Salakot Waterfalls

The journey begins by going south from the National Highway. You can spot the way easily because it’s past Iwahig Prison—another main tourist attraction in Puerto Princesa. After a few miles, you will see a sign saying “Napsan”; turn from there and keep going until the roads are seemingly mixed in with rock and mud. You will then eye two bridges; after passing the second one, be sure to look on your right as there will be a hazy wooden sign there that says “Salakot Falls.” The falls will just be a five-minute walk after that.

A brush through history: ”salakot” is a traditional wide-brimmed Filipino hat that was used by the locals while doing their daily chores (such as farming and fetching water from the well). Famous for its conical shape, the salakot is a familiar symbol for Filipino identity. A folk dance was also inspired by the hat. Occasionally, it is displayed as the hat worn by Juan dela Cruz—a character that represents the Philippines and its culture.

The Beauty of Salakot Waterfalls

After a few steps from the wooden sign, you will get a full view of the Salakot Waterfalls. The place imbibes serenity, inviting visitors to relax in its cool waters. You can have a nice picnic while taking it all in but make sure to keep your area free of trash. Spotlessly clean, you can roll around the place for fun! There are swimming spots to dip in, and the cool and crystal clear waters give you a chance to interact with the small fishes there.

Zen is what Salakot Waterfalls is all about. If you’re not a fan of loud parties and high intensity activities, then this place was made just for you. Remember to bring necessities like sunblock, insect repellent, swimming clothes, towels, snacks and maybe a good book to read.

Add the Salakot Waterfalls to your Puerto Princesa adventure!

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