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Things to Do in Palawan: Ugong Rock Zipline

Ziplining is the newest activity in the Philippines where an inclined cable or rope with a suspended harness carries a person from one side to the next. Depending on the zipline location, people get an exciting view of buildings or forestry. This newly discovered thrill ride has hooked many tourists to travel just for the sake of experiencing the zipline. If you’re planning to take a vacation in Palawan, then the Ugong Rock Zipline is a must-try especially for newcomers.

Ugong Rock

Another tourist spot near Palawan’s famous Underground River is the Ugong Rock. The rock formation sits in the middle of the lush forests of Palawan. It is impressively large and the cave is a welcome addition to its natural aesthetic. Barangay Tagabenit is where the Ugong Rock resides, just an hour away from the city.

Upon arriving, you will see the sign “Ugong Rock Adventures.” The Ugong Rock is built on large formations of limestone; this is where it got its name. The term “Ugong” came from the gong-like sound generated by taps on certain hollow rock formations that surround the place.

Ugong Rock Spelunking

There are two things one can do in Ugong Rock: ziplining and spelunking. Spelunking is an interesting activity in which people explore caves. The Ugong Rock is filled with geological wonders ranging from stalagmites to stalactites, perfect for spelunking. After an arduous journey through the rock formations, tourists get an awesome view of the countryside when reaching the top where they are also rewarded with a cool breeze.

Ugong Rock Zipline

After your spelunking activity, it’s time for another challenge: conquering the Ugong Rock Zipline! The length of the zipline is about 350 meters. You get a good 30-second thrill ride through the wonders of Palawan air-bound. The Ugong Rock Zipline is one of the fastest in the Philippines so you have to bring out the adrenaline junkie in you. You have the option of riding the zipine in a plank or sitting position. If you have a kid with you, make sure he is at least 10 years old and should weigh not less than 10 kilos. The Ugong Rock Zipline is an awesome concluding activity after all that rock trekking. Make sure to check it out!


Add the Ugong Rock Zipline to your Palawan itinerary!

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